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Singing in the company choir

Raise motivation to new levels

> Collegues and workers meet once week to sing together. It is not a choir in the normal sense, with concerts and soprano, alto, tenor and bass sections, but rather a celebration of the moment of singing together.
Because your profession has a hierarchie, it is important for the company choir not to represent this in the group dynamic. Everyone should take part, even if they think that they cannot sing. Note reading skills are not needed. The regular participation in the company choir achieves a positive and productive atmosphere in the work environment, trains the voice and is a large part of health promotion in the workplace.

Promoting Health in the Workplace through Singing

Breathing with your diaphragm helps strenthen the lungs, cardiovascular system and the back muscles. As little as 20 minutes of singing will reduce the amount of the stress hormone Adrenalin, as well maximizing the oxygen supply to the body. The antibody Immunglobulin A is increased during singing, which helps the muscus membrain and the immune system to fight off disease. Singing as teamtraining is a very important part of company health!
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Vocal Training for Companies

The voice is your visiting card, whether on the telephone or in person. The voice is much too complex, to just use for speaking. The real pizzazz happens when you sing. This is really how the voice can be trained. Ideally, the voice training would be a weekly hour integrated during opening hours. I do however, offer this training as an Event or a workshop.

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Good Voices Create Good Vibes