David Schroeder
david schroeder

Vocal coach

Voice trainer in Berlin

With my many years of proffesional work with the Voice, I have learned much about my instrument
and I love to teach and help others to experience this wisdom and these techniques.
  • Singing teacher and vocal coach (member of the BDG)
  • Work as actor (Berlin, Cologne, Hagen)
  • Actor in Radio (WDR, Dradio)
  • Opera Singer – solo and in choir (Deutsche Oper Berlin, Komische Oper, Oper Dessau)
  • more about me

With me, you will optimize your vocal possibilities and through this experience become more self confident and more authentic. I will show you how to use your voice in a much more productive way and will give you a tool set that you can use at any time.
Book a time here.

Book a time here.
Good Voices Create Good Vibes